All of my pursuits have been driven by a deep desire for new learning.

Whether that’s been through an education in media production, the design process,or jumping head first into a new community, I’m always looking to find a new frame of understanding.

Throughout completing my bachelor of design at Emily Carr University of Art + Design I’ve delved fully into its community, working as an advocate for students, as well as a participant in the decision making bodies of the institution. By having to grapple with the very real consequences of decisions that will affect many people for years to come, I’ve developed an appreciation for listening to the needs of others, and being attentive to the nuanced ways we impact one another in our social organizations.

Through such an experience, my design practice has come to emphasis a mindfulness of perspective.

When I’m away from work, you’ll find me experimenting with my camera¬†or perusing through a newly discovered book.