Web app – Autism Spectrum Disorder Community Assistive Wayfinding

This  prototype was developed out of a larger research project undertaken by the Health Design Lab of Emily Carr University.  Project partner: Stacie Schatz



Families with members on the autism spectrum face numerous challenges when seeking help as the community is broad with many stakeholders, diagnosis is a highly emotional experience, each diagnosis is unique, and information and services are spread out.


research image

From research conducted by the Health Design Lab of Emily Carr in partnership with Pacific Autism family network it was identified that users need access to timely and accurate and timely information regarding these subjects which are widely dispersed:

  • Research

  • Resources

  • Clinicians and practitioners

  • Funding

  • Services

  • Rights

USERS: Parents of children on the autism spectrum.

SOLUTION: A web based aggregate portal that allows families to collect and sort information unique to their needs. By unifying listings for services, information, and rights, parents are can more quickly and fully prepare for the health needs of their children.



Plotting the problem and figuring out the necessary interface.

Paper prototype

We worked to create multiple versions of  information architecture and consulted with our expert as he helped us pinpoint what was most important or unnecessary.

Information Architecture




A welcoming prompt asks users what they are looking to find, revealing results as cards which can be saved to the unique deck of the user in the menu for quick reference.

The cards are written in simple terms to avoid any overly technical phrasing from the healthcare industry which might confuse users.



Searches can be contextually modified, in this example to find possible funding sources for the listed healthcare practitioners.



The selected search result cards become navigation tabs for the user.



A timeline view for planning ahead allows users to see when there will be gaps in the healthcare funding that they receive in relation to other important periods, such as the annual school schedule of their child.



Prototype stills